Herefordshire Tree Forum     

Tree Warden information: a series of 13 booklets on all aspects of trees along with an introductory presentation, click here for the files in zipped format

The latest (June 2015) on the ash disease Chalara in the West Midlands from the Forestry Commission's Pest News service click here of the report and here for the link to the FC Pest News service.

Download the 2015 Woodland Trust Woodwise publication on how to get involved with the "citizen science" of trees click here

Information on Acute Oak Decline which is affecting a number of fine oaks here in Herefordshire click here

Spring 2014 edition of the Woodland Trust newsletter Woodwise devoted to ancient and veteran trees here

Position statement on the impacts of the chalara fungus on mature and veteran ash trees with management strategies. May 2014 from the Ancient Tree Forum. Download here

Recent report from the Landscape Institute concerning the relationship between public health and the environment, focussing mainly on 'greening' within cities from the Download  here

Booklist and DVDs from Hereford Friends of the Earth, updated March 2014 download  here            

Designing for the Safety of Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Motorists in Urban Environments 2011 which includes the beneficial effects on speed and driver behaviour here

The Street Tree Effect and Driver Safety 2008 Study of the effects of tree-lined streets on driving speeds and safety in suburban settings here

The Forestry Commission research web page. The key source for up to date information on all aspects of trees and woods here

Hereford Green Infrastructure Project 2012/13 - Final ReportDetails of the achievements of this just completed NE funded project. here

The Chalara Management Plan DEFRA March 2013 Essential reading for anyone in the county concerned with or responsible for woods and ash which may have an ash component. here

European ash (Fraxinus excelsior) dieback, a conservation biology challenge. A recent (May 2012) research paper on the current and future impact of ash die for Europe. here

Healthy trees, healthy places. Just published (July 2013) report from the Woodland trust.  here

Trees, people and the built environment. Proceedings of the Urban Trees Research Conference April 2011.  here

Trees and sustainable air quality: using trees to improve air quality in cities. A guide from Lancaster University from recent research. here

Trees for cities best practice guidelinesHow to assess the suitability of a site for street tree planting and what to do next here

The State of UK Forests, Woods and Trees. An important review by the woodland trust 2011  here

Ancient Woodlands and Trees of Herefordshire - our heritage revealed. Results of a recent project 2006-2009 here

Veteran tree survey of Colwall, Mathon and Cradley. Includes modern techniques of recording and mapping veteran trees at a parish level and results from three Herefordshire counties. here

Estimating the Age of Large and Veteran Trees in Britain.  Somewhat dated but still the only published source of information of how to determine the age of old trees.  here